Reynolds Ready For The Change-Up

Starring in a comedy with Jason Bateman

Reynolds Ready For The Change-Up

by James White |
Published on

The body-swap comedy is a well-worn cinematic concept, but Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman will be hoping we all find it fresh and new, since they’ve signed on to Universal’s The Change-Up.

Written by The Hangover’s Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the film focuses on two guys – one, a settled, married family man; the other a lazy bachelor type who has his pick of sexy ladies. Guess who’ll be playing which part (we’d like them to cast against type and make Reynolds the married man and Bateman the wild child). When, due to some unknown mishap, the pair swaps bodies, they each get a taste of the other’s life and, no prizes for guessing, learn a little something about what they might be missing in the world.

**Wedding Crashers **director David Dobkin is behind the camera, so hopefully he’ll pull off something fun, especially with two talented comedians in the lead roles.

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