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Regina Hall

by James White |
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Regina Hall had a very good year, mostly thanks to the success of comedy Girls Trip, of which she was a key part. She's hoping for success in 2018, joining the cast of the new Shaft movie.

Tim Story is gearing up to direct the movie, once known as Son Of Shaft, which aims to work as a sequel to both previous Shaft outings, and will feature a multi-generational cast, including Richard Roundtree as the original, iconic John Shaft, Samuel L. Jackson as the Shaft from 2000's remake and Jessie T. Usher playing the son of Jackson's character. He's an FBI agent, trained in high tech crime and is forced to team up with his old man in a clash of cultures and after a long estrangement to investigate who killed his best friend.

As for Hall, she's joining the cast to play Usher's mother, a former flame of Jackson. Alexandra Shipp is also aboard for the film, which has a script by Kenya Barris and Alex Barnow. Story will have the film ready for a June 2019 release date.

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