Reese Witherspoon Feels Cold

She'll star in and produce a new supernatural thriller

Reese Witherspoon Feels Cold

by James White |
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As she continues to produce and develop projects that provide decent starring roles for herself and other women, Reese Witherspoon is picking up scripts of various genres. She’s now attached to supernatural thriller **Cold{ =nofollow}.

Bill Marsilii came up with the original concept, which, you will be absolutely flabbergasted (read: not surprised at all) to hear is being kept quiet. All the Hollywood Reporter was able to dig up was that it’s a dark thriller with supernatural elements. Could it have some ghostly themes? Spirits often do seem to be portrayed as lowering the ambient temperature in a room.

Witherspoon and Pacific Standard Films partner Bruna Papandrea brought the project to Lionsgate, which, known for its genre movies, jumped at the chance to start developing it. And while not all of Witherspoon’s produced movies have been hits (fugitive comedy **Hot Pursuit **struggled at the box office), she has helped bring the likes of Wild and Gone Girl to the screen. The actress has a number of movies in the works, including Ashley’s War, All Is Not Forgotten, Pale Blue Dot and a live-action take on Peter Pan character Tinkerbell in Tink.

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