Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver Trailer Promises All-Out War In Zack Snyder’s Sci-Fi Sequel

Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver

by James White |
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Depending on your reaction to last year's first Rebel Moon film, the kick-off for Zack Snyder's huge new sci-fi action franchise, the full trailer for Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver will either fill you with enthusiasm or dread. Get ready, then, to be happy/snarky after exposing your eyeballs to the new footage:

The Scargiver, filmed, of course, back-to-back with A Child Of Fire, continues the story as Kora (Sofia Boutella), having gathered the rag-tag group of warriors and ne'er-do-wells she needs, prepares to face down the nefarious Imperium and defend the moon of Veldt.

And while she worries about the impact (literally, in certain cases) to the peaceful moon's inhabitants, she's got reason to be concerned as powerful, scheming and leather-loving (easy) Imperium baddie Atticus Noble (Ed Skrein) is freshly reborn after Kora inconveniently offed him at the end of Part One.

We'll also get to see robo-fighter Jimmy (voiced by Anthony Hopkins) stop sitting around in fields or by streams and actually enter the fray.

Snyder himself told Empire that it's an out-and-out war film, so if the first entry felt like the build up to this, prepare to have your action needs sated.

Rebel Moon: Part Two comes to Netflix from 19 April, with Part One streaming now.

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