Real Genius Being Remade?

And more 80s movies on the block

Real Genius Being Remade?

by James White |
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Of all the 80s movies you could conceive of Hollywood throwing into the Brundlefly remake machine to come outlooking all shiny, new and yet mutated, you probably thought quote-factory Val Kilmer vehicle **Real Genius **was safe. You thought wrong.

According to Pajiba’s increasingly reliable Hollywood Cog source, Imagine Entertainment (yes, that’s Ron Howard and Brian Grazer) have now targeted the movie as a likely candidate.

The 1985 original, which despite a low box office result, remains a beloved cult comedy for those of a certain age (raises hand, nods head), followed the (mis)adventures of college students figuring out their own intellects while simultaneously being duped by a slimy professor (William Atherton, the king of such roles) into working on a laser project that will be twisted into military uses.

Naturally, they fight back, but before any of that, there’s time for a coming of age tale about precocious newcomer Mitch Taylor (Gabe Jarret). We’re really not sure this one needs to be redone – while the film’s 80s soundtrack and stylings haven’t aged, the humour is as fresh as it ever was. Never seen it? Check it out.

While we’re on the subject of movies getting the remake treatment, Pajiba’s story also mentions Brett Ratner getting his paws on House Party, the Kid ‘N’ Play film from 1990. If ever there was a movie that was locked into its era, it was that, which might explain why the Big Rat is producing a reboot. We shudder to think…

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