Ready for Snatch: the TV series?


by James White |
Published on

Clearly, someone at Sony's online TV channel Crackle took a look at the success of the Fargo series and thought, "hhhm... What properties do we have that we could use to try that?" The result is a new planned TV series based on Guy Ritchie's Snatch.

In the same way as Fargo borrows the tone and basic world idea of the Coens' series, this Snatch will be set in the same world as Ritchie's film, but instead focuses on original characters. It's also inspired by a real-life gold bullion heist in London and follows a group of twenty something hustlers who stumble on a truck load of the shiny stuff and are suddenly part of a much wider criminal underworld. Soon, they have to learn to deal with mobsters, rogue cops and all the local villains.

We wouldn't expect anyone from the film to show up outside of cameos; this appears to be defiantly its own thing – even Ritchie's name isn't mentioned in Variety's story on the new series. There are no details on when or where it might air, especially given that the UK arm of Crackle shut down a couple of years ago. But given that the initial 10 episodes are coming from Sony TV, it could show up somewhere, possibly Sony's own UK channel. It wouldn't even be the first time one of Ritchie's films got this treatment, given the Lock, Stock spin-off that was aired on Channel 4 in 2000...

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