Ready For Shark Night 3D?

David R Ellis has some hungry sea-beasts

Ready For Shark Night 3D?

by James White |
Published on

Every once in a while, the rumours about Jaws getting remade surface like a fin breaking the news waters, only to sink back again. Most recently, they had a 3D tag attached, but now it looks like someone wants to chow down on the concept without the pesky rights issues or the inevitable backlash – welcome to Shark Night 3D.

David R Ellis, who knows a thing or two about mutilation, 3D and mutilation in 3D after The Final Destination (not to mention the fact that he did second unit work on Deep Blue Sea), has signed on to direct the movie for Incentive Filmed Entertainment, which has rustled up $28 million for some toothy action.

Jesse Studenberg and Will Hayes have penned the script, the plot which we don't yet know, but that we’re guessing features young swimmers and hungry sea-dwellers interacting in a bloody fashion. But bucking the trend towards CG, the sharks will largely be animatronic, fashioned by Deep Blue Sea's Will Conti. Let's hope there aren't any badly behaved Bruces in the bunch.

With a shoot set for this summer in Louisiana, the producers will be throwing distribution chum into the water at Cannes this year in the hopes that some companies will bite.

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