Ready For Pez: The Movie?

Sweets going scripted


by James White |
Published on

Oh, The Lego Movie... What hath thou wrought upon us? While we loved the adventures of Emmet and the rest, it has opened the doors to every other commercial touchstone and idea to flood into the film market. There’s already an Emoji movie in the works and now the company behind Pez sweets is looking to get a piece of that action.

The venerable 88-year-old candy company, provider of those little fizzy sweets dispensed from the ratcheting heads of a variety of heads ranging from nature and people to superheroes and other pop cultural icons, has hatched a deal with Envision Media Arts to develop a film based on the plastic gadgets and their sugary torpedoes.

Cameron Fay, who has graduated from writing and directing short films to co-scripting Bill Pullman/ Rita Wilson-starring indie comedy Brother In Laws, is attached to crank out the words for this one. Quite what the story will be is being kept quiet, and how many of their more famous icons they’ll be able to use in an actual film is a matter for the rights lawyers, but Envision CEO Lee Nelson seemed to think they're on to something. “Pez Candy is beloved by children and adults alike, with Cameron Fay we’ve created a world unique to Pez and a story that will touch the hearts of many,” he said in a statement carried by The Wrap. Expect this one... Well, when they’ve finished it. Possible strap line: "Here comes the eye candy!" We'll take that cheque, please...

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