Ready For Uno: The Movie?

Uno card game

by James White |
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Here we go again with games being considered as movie fodder, as though executives paw through comedy lists of game-to-film ideas like they're sensible suggestions. In the case of the new Uno movie, though, this is really Mattel looking to exploit one of its big card game brands in a new way: a movie that could feature rapper Little Yachty in a lead role.

If you just think about the card game itself, it's not immediately clear what the connection might be: conceived in 1971 in a barbershop in Cincinnati, Uno was created as a way for families to spend time together and quickly became a household staple. Five decades later, Uno is played in more than 80 countries and has spawned a number of innovative card-based and digital games.

But then you hit the concept that Mattel has hit upon, a live-action heist comedy written by Marcy Kelly and set in the underground hip hop world of Atlanta. And... Nope, still not completely seeing the link, but at least it's better than "humans enter the fantasy world of X brand and have to navigate this strange new place while learning to believe in themselves once more". And yes, we expect Lego Movie's Phil Lord and Chris Miller to ask people not to blame them for the films that have followed that successful crossover.

Yachty, at least, seems excited for the idea: "I’m so excited to be part of this film with Mattel. I played Uno as a kid and still do today, so to spin that into a movie based on the Atlanta hip hop scene I came out of is really special. It hits close to home for me." Could work...

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