Ready For A Pac-Man Movie?


by James White |
Published on

With the success of Sonic The Hedgehog and its sequel, the video game adaptation floodgates are still wide open. And while Pac-Man has popped up in cameo form elsewhere on the big screen (most notably in Pixels), he's now getting his own movie.

Originally called Puck-Man, the game made its way over - changing its name along the way from Japan in 1980 to become a coin-op arcade sensation. The basic game – in which an ever-hungry, pellet-noshing yellow character has to navigate mazes while evading colourful ghosts – has since spawned sequel games such as Ms. Pac-Man, TV series and enough merchandise to fill the Hampton Court maze.

Chuck Williams, who worked in the Sonic story department, came up with the concept for a live-action Pac-Man movie, with Bandai Namco Entertainment producing the movie alongside actor/director/producer Justin Baldoni's Wayfarer Studios company.

Now we wait to see whether anything in the movie can be as entertaining as this Futurama gag.

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