Rachel Weisz Up For The Light Between Oceans

She's in talks to join Derek Cianfrance's latest

Rachel Weisz Up For The Light Between Oceans

by James White |
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Derek Cianfrance’s new film The Light Between Oceans finds a couple taking on a big responsibility without thinking through all the consequences. And he’s now set to cast Rachel Weisz as the harbinger of said consequences.

Confused? Allow us to illuminate matters the way a lighthouse shines upon the ocean. Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are set to play the married keepers of a lighthouse on a remote Australian island in the years after World War I. When a boat washes up on the shore with a dead body and a baby, the pair decides to raise the child as their own. And then the baby’s real mother (Weisz, assuming she makes a deal) shows up...

Cianfrance has adapted the story from M. L. Stedman’s bestselling 2012 novel, and he’s hoping to get it made this year, assuming everyone’s schedules work out.

Weisz was last seen in Oz The Great And Powerful. She has recently worked on Dogtooth director Giorgos Lathimos’ latest offbeat tale The Lobster and is shooting Paolo Sorrentino’s La Giovinezza.

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