Psycho Giveaway

Net deal offers film fans the chance to participate in film's success

by Willow Green |
Published on

In what's believed to be the first deal of its kind, film company Lion's Gate is offering net-heads the chance to profit from the success of their latest film American Psycho. Lion's Gate has formed an alliance with the Hollywood Stock Exchange - an online gaming site - to offer the site's gamblers a chance to swap their fake shares for the real thing. Traders will be able to buy a share of American Psycho. Each of the 5,000 shares available costs $1 million in HSX 'money'. The deal is that if the movie makes more than $20 million at the box office, between the opening date of 14 April and 8 May 2000 the company will pay out $20,000 to be shared between the investors, increasing by $1,000 for every extra $1 million the movie makes. For anyone in the UK who's interested, there's one important catch - unfortunately, you have to be a US citizen to get in on the deal. While US sources believe the film won't make more than $20 million in four weeks - it remains to be seen how the power of 5,000 'interested' internet fans will affect the box office.

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