A Pryor Commitment

Comedian seeks restraining order against son

by Willow Green |
Published on

Richard Pryor, star of Stir Crazy and Superman III, has filed a restraining order against his son, Richard Pryor Jr. The action comes in the wake of Pryor Jr.'s attempts to become his father's legal guardian. Pryor, who is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, claimed that his son was trying to gain control of his financial affairs.

Pryor Jr. has alleged that Jennifer Lee, his father's ex-wife and current carer, was mistreating the star, who battled with drug problems before being diagnosed with MS fourteen years ago. Pryor is in a wheelchair, and unable to clothe or feed himself, but his lawyer, Lynda Larsen, said Pryor "is fully in control of his own circumstances." Lee, who divorced the star in 1982, says that when the police asked Pryor why he didn't want to see his son, he replied, 'because I hate him'.

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