Potter Por Favor?

Y tu mama tambien director ponders Harry Potter 3

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Potter fans were dealt a blow recently when news that JK Rowling's fifth book about young Harry won't be reaching us until the middle of next year, but that's not the only change followers of the wizarding series are going to have to get used to. Chris Columbus has made it quite clear that Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets will be his last trip to Hogwarts and Y tu mamtambién director Alfonso Cuaron may now take over for the third film. After spending more than a year living away from home in our green an pleasant land, Columbus has finally had enough and will be returning to the States with his family once filming on the current movie is completed. Needless to say, it will require a special kind of director to shoulder the heavy burden that is one of the world's most lucrative franchises and critically acclaimed Mexican filmmaker Cuaron may just be the man for the job. After wowing critics and cinemagoers alike with Spanish language road movie Y tu mamá también - which more than made up for the decidedly ill-conceived 1998 'updating' of Great Expectations - Cuaron is in negotiations to take the reigns and is currently running his eye over a draft of Steve Kloves' script for Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. Whether he'll be able to survive the trial by ordeal laid out by Warner Bros, and indeed Rowling herself, to ascertain his worthiness, only time will tell. The Triwizard tournament will likely seem like a friendly game of hopscotch in comparison.

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