Podcast #120: Andy Serkis, Kevin Feige

Apes. Together. Strong.

Empire Podcast

by Ali Plumb |
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The Empire Podcast, Andy Serkis and Kevin Feige

Here to talk about the upcoming Marvel space opera G****uardians Of The Galaxy is the head honcho of all things Marvel-ous, Kevin Feige, but as you'd expect, we also asked him about just why Edgar Wright left Ant-Man (and much, much more).

Then there's Caesar himself, Andy Serkis, who dropped by to talk about his latest, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, and suggest what might be his character's favourite cocktail. Disappointingly, it's not a banana daiquiri.

In the news section, the team tackle True Detective Season 2's casting rumours, as well as Universal's plans to turn their beloved monsters into series of films that form an expanded, shared universe. As for the Q&A department, that'll have you wondering what feature *you *would write if it were the last feature you wrote for Empire (provided you did actually already write for Empire, that is). Reunions abound.

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