Poaching documentary The Ivory Game releases a trailer

The Ivory Game

by James White |
Published on

We all know the terrible toll that poaching and the ivory trade takes on elephants, but the depths to which the criminals will sink is shown to truly shocking effect in new documentary The Ivory Game. Take a look at the new trailer for the film below.

The documentary, from directors Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani, exposes the dark world of ivory trafficking from the planes of Africa (where elephants are disappearing ever more quickly) to the streets of China. By working with undercover intelligence organizations, activists, frontline rangers and conservationists to infiltrate the corrupt global network of ivory trafficking, the film inspires both outrage and hope.

Poaching has become a big Hollywood topic of late, with the likes of Tom Hardy developing both movie and documentary film takes. This one boasts Leonardo DiCaprio lending his name as an executive producer, and The Ivory Game will launch on Netflix on 4 November.

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