Piranha 3DD Will Bite Next Year

Feast's John Gulager is directing

Piranha 3DD Will Bite Next Year

by James White |
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Someone warn James Cameron to stay away from journalists for the next few days – based on how little he thought of the first Piranha remake, Piranha 3D, he’ll probably be even less pleased to learn the sequel is cranking up the porny puns, preparing to swim into cinemas under the name Piranha 3DD. Ho! It's funny, you see, because a double D usually refers to breast size! And boobs are an integral part of this series! How clever!

Deadline is reporting that the follow-up to the surprise schlock success now has not only a director (Feast’s John Gulager), but also a pair of writers (Saw veterans Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, who got their start with Gulager back on Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s film development TV show Project Greenlight).

And talking of Saw, it would seem Dimension Films is looking to mimic that fast-turnaround franchise, with Piranha 3DD aiming to take a bite out of the box office next August, approximately a year after the first film.

The brief development schedule will be a challenge, but a frenetic pace might actually help the madness of the movie. There’s no word on what the plot might be, but let’s face facts – it’ll feature sexy/quirky people getting menaced by hungry fish while waving their knockers around. Job done. The only real question is who might return from the first film (anyone who survived, we presume) and who the studio can line up to take on the toothy terrors…

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