Pierce Brosnan Heads (Back) To TV

He'll produce and co-star in a PI show

Pierce Brosnan Heads (Back) To TV

by James White |
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Pierce Brosnan’s TV career kicked off around the same time as his cinematic run, and for a while back in the 1980s he was better known as Remington Steele than for anything he did on the big screen. His stint as Bond changed all that, but now Brosnan is looking to get back to the goggle box, signing on to produce and occasionally appear in an untitled drama thriller from former ER writer/producer Jack Orman.

Sony Pictures Television is backing the project, which will feature a private investigator who trots about the globe solving murders, foiling fraud schemes and tracking down kidnap victims, among other jobs. The pilot script and, if it gets picked up by a network, series will be based on real-life gumshoe Logan Clarke, who has his own international investigation agency based in Los Angeles.

Despite the amount of dosh that Her Majesty’s Government dropped on training him to be a super-spy, Brosnan won’t actually play the lead character, but he will crop up from time to time. Which, we assume, is so that he can keep on taking film roles. He'll be more involved behind the scenes, though, since his production company Irish DreamTime is helping get the show made.

As Deadline’s report mentions, the last time an actor had a dual acting/producing role in a TV show like this, the world was treated to Hugh Jackman’s Viva Laughlin, which A) was based on the David Tennant/David Morrissey-starring Blackpool and B) only got two episodes on the air before it was cancelled. For Pierce’s sake, we hope his show has more luck.

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