Peter Sollett Directing Runaways?

Marvel talking to Nick & Norah’s maker

Peter Sollett Directing Runaways?

by James White |
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While the big, grown-up Marvel heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America and Thor are all happily moving along in their own franchises, Marvel isn’t stopping there. The company has already been developing other projects, with Runaways in prime position. And now it may just have locked in a director: Peter Sollett.

Sollett last made Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and his solid handling of teen types is likely a big reason why he’s been targeted to handle the comic adaptation.

Created by Brian K Vaughn,** **the genius behind Y: The Last Man (with Joss Whedon writing a couple of story arcs), Runaways is an original tale set within the Marvel universe that focuses on a group of teenagers shocked to discover that their parents are all criminals and super villains who hold a big meeting every year under the guise of a charity event.

Stealing weapons from their folks, the group of six – who all have abilities inherited from their evil elders – strike out to battle their parents wrongdoings and any other trouble that crops up.

Described by Deadline New York as “The Breakfast Club with superheroes” (because of how the various types of kids band together but still squabble), the film has a draft of the screenplay penned by Vaughn, but is still in early development.

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