Peter Mullan’s ‘Beautiful Energy’

It’s luvvie heaven on the new Winterbottom set

by Willow Green |
Published on

As Michael Winterbottom’s latest film Kingdom Come enters its third week of filming, one of the cast is keen to spread love and happiness wherever she goes. Milla Jovavich, who plays brothel owner Lucia in the film, which is currently filming in Canada, seems to love every member of the cast, but appears particularly keen on her Scottish co-star Peter Mullan. ‘Peter Mullan has a smile that lights up the darkest corners,’ Mila gushes in a update on the film’s official site. ‘I'm already half in love with him in real life!’ she goes on to say, adding, ‘He's got more sparkle and charm in his fingernails than 99% of the young, 'hot' actors in L.A. that I've met for one reason or another. His talent at improv would put anyone to shame.’ For more information on the movie head for

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