Pay Gap Drama Hits All The Money In The World

All The Money In The World

by James White |
Published on

Until recently, all the buzz about Ridley Scott's Getty kidnapping drama All The Money In The World was either impressed or positive, as the director pulled together a lightning-fast re-shoot to remove Kevin Spacey from the film and replace him with Christopher Plummer. Now, however, word has arrived to dim to positivity slightly, as it emerges that Michelle Williams received a far lesser fee to return for the new filming than co-star Mark Wahlberg.

While Scott had previously said that he and his cast (aside from Plummer, who was new to the film) had waived their fee to keep the cost of the new shooting down (the crew was paid for their time), USA Today has learned that Williams took home a bare minimum $80 per day payment (adding up to around $1,000 in total), while Wahlberg and his representatives were able to swing a huge $1.5 million payday given that he had more scenes to re-shoot. Still, Williams receiving less than 1% of her male co-star's wages is somewhat ridiculous.

The latest revelation comes as the film struggles at the box office despite decent reviews and a solid reputation following the re-shoots. It has so far made just $28 million worldwide.

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