Paul Walker Fires Up Vehicle 19

Rental car leaves him fast & furious...

Paul Walker Fires Up Vehicle 19

by James White |
Published on

Given that he spends an awful lot of time behind the wheel in films, you might think that Fast & Furious veteran and intense stare perfectionist Paul Walker would follow the likes of Takers and Fast Five with something that didn’t involve auto-mayhem. Nope: he’s signed on to star in and produce indie thriller Vehicle 19.

South African director Mukunda Michael Dewil has written the script for the film, which will find Walker as an unsuspecting traveller in a foreign land who accidentally drives off in the wrong rental car.

But instead of an annoyed call from the local branch of Avis, he’s soon wrapped up in a web of corruption spun by the local coppers.

Walker’s agreed to lend what executive producing muscle he can to the film (we guess spending years avoiding Vin Diesel’s drip sweat gives you some cachet) and will head to the set in South Africa at the end of summer. After that, it’s likely Universal will want him back to make yet another** Fast & Furious** film, give the credits sting in the current (amazing) effort. Maybe he’ll find time to squeeze in a drama where he’s trapped on a sofa for the entire running time…

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