Paul Giamatti On For Hangover Part II

In an unspecified role...

Paul Giamatti On For Hangover Part II

by James White |
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Todd Phillips’ Hangover sequel has seen one major part leak, stutter and ultimately get replaced, so he’s likely hoping that rounding up Paul Giamatti for the cast will prove to be a little less stressful.

After the debacle that was trying to add Mel Gibson to the film in the form of a cameo, only to see it derailed by cast/crew outcry and negative press, Phillips drafted in Liam Neeson to replace him in a role that will either see him playing a menacing tattoo artist (especially since he told Variety that’s what he was up for) or something else (he later told People magazine that he wanted to “shoot down the rumours” about the part). Given that one of the main characters definitely gets some face art in the film, the choice is yours as to which version you believe.

As for Giamatti, Deadline’s report does not go into specifics about what he’s playing, though we do know he’ll be reporting to the set in Thailand in a few weeks’ time to join a sprawling ensemble that includes original leads Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha, plus Ken Jeong and possibly Mike Tyson.

The actor has a talent for grouchy laughs that rivals his dramatic work, so we’re happy to see him signing on…

**Update: **People Magazine brings word that former US president Bill Clinton has also popped by the set to film a cameo. My, they really are looking for people with interesting pasts to crop up in this thing, aren't they? Who's next? The ghost of Genghis Khan?

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