Paul Feig talks Ghostbusters’ big bad


by Phil de Semlyen |
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There’s much to get exercised (or exorcised) by in Empire's new Ghostbusters-fronted issue. But amid the on-set coverage, interviews with cast and crew and a very special essay from Dan Aykroyd can be found some key details of the film’s principal villain. He’s not an evil demigod or Sumerian shapeshifter. Heck, he’s not even a jobsworth from the Environmental Protection Agency. He’s… well, we’ll let Paul Feig explain.

“Rowan is the ultimate loner,” the director tells us. “A regular New Yorker whose goal is to bring some things back to this world." The character is played by another Saturday Night Live veteran, Neil Casey. He wants to trap ghosts, but for a different purpose…” adds Feig, perhaps hinting at the cause of the phantasm extravaganza we’ve seen in the trailer.

That’s far from the only Ghostbusters intel in the issue - or here, for that matter. To celebrate Administrative Professionals Day – with Alien Day also in full swing, it’s a good time to be a PA at Weyland-Yutani – Sony has also dropped some new Ghostbusters’ footage online. It shows Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, dialling back on the smiting and up on the comedy as Kevin, the Ghostbusters’ hopeless new assistant. Judging by this assembly of uselessness, Janine's no-nonsense legacy will remain intact in the new movie.

For lots – and we do mean lots - more on Ghostbusters new and old, pick up the new issue of Empire on Thursday, April 28.

Ghostbusters arrives in cinemas on July 15. Head here for the full trailer.

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