Paul Feig Is A Smooth Operator

Directing a trainee spy comedy

by empire |
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Like his fellow creative partner Judd Apatow, the other half of the team behind shortlived cult TV show Freaks & Geeks is finally getting his due.

Paul Feig, who has the comedy Unaccompanied Minors about to scamper into cinemas, has seen his next film already planned by Minors studio Warner Brothers.

Smooth Operator sees a CIA agent with serious charm trying to train a computer nerd in the ways of romance so he can seduce a female operative. "It's like a high-tech version of Cyrano" Feig told The Hollywood Reporter. "Or like a Hitch meets-Rush Hour.”

Feig will re-write and direct the script, which apparently will allow him to indulge in something he doesn’t often get the chance to show off – his love for physical comedy. "I've always liked (physical comedy) and tried to insert it into the show as much as I could. I'm not as high class as people think I am. I am first and foremost into character writing but the last few years I've wanted to try to bring back stuff I used to watch, movies from John Hughes, Blake Edwards, and stuff like the Three Stooges. I want to bring it back in a modern sense, but it has to be based on real characters."

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