Pass The Rubber Gloves

Jeremy Irons tackles airport cleaning duties

by empire |
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News has reached the offices this afternoon of a heartening tale involving English actor Jeremy Irons. It seems that the star of stage and screen took it upon himself to clear up a mucky airport lounge when his flight home was delayed. The actor was heading to his castle in southern Ireland when the plane was diverted to Shannon airport. Stuck in the departure lounge, and fed up of reading, Irons took one look at the beer and fag-strewn area and decided to roll up his sleeves and sort it out. 'I had done enough reading and I looked around me and the place was a tip so I decided to clean up,' Irons told the Irish Daily Mirror. 'I find being diverted at airports quite depressing and I felt much better after cleaning up.' What's next? Stars opening their own limo doors? Hoovering the red carpet when the premiere's over? Clearly Irons doesn't know that he's upset the natural order of things with his domestic doings. It's anarchy, we tell you!

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