Paranormal Activity: Will Eubank And Christopher Landon Working On Reboot

Will Eubank, Christopher Landon

by James White |
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Way back in the middle of 2019, word emerged that Paramount was looking to add to the Paranormal Activity franchise, with Jason Blum's Blumhouse company on to help bring the terror back to the screen. Things have been understandably quiet as the world went through its own story. That might not be over yet, but there has been a development on the Paranormal front – Will Eubank will direct the new, reboot movie, with franchise veteran (and Freaky writer/director) Christopher Landon is on to work up the script.

Nothing is known about the story for the reboot, or whether it will reference any of the franchise that Oren Peli created in 2007 (and got on wide release thanks partly to Blum, who spotted its potential at an early screening). Eubank, who last made Underwater, will be sticking with the found footage concept, though will likely be looking for fresh ways to use it as a storytelling method.

Landon, who will also executive produce, wrote four of the Paranormal movies before establishing his own career with Happy Death Day.

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