Oren Peli’s Wild Nature

New project from Paranormal director

Oren Peli's Wild Nature

by Owen Williams |
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Following Paranormal Activity and the yet-to-be-revealed Area 51, Oren Peli has seemed more intent on producing: taking a back seat on Paranormal Activities 2 and 3, and setting up the Haunted Films banner, home to James Wan's Insidious, Barry Levinson's The Bay and Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem. Now he's about to step back behind the camera again, with news that Peli is working on an as-yet-untitled new horror project for newbie outfit FilmNation{ =nofollow}.

Details are scant so far, but the film will involve "friends who discover they're not alone after they become stranded in a ghost town overrun by nature." Spirits? Cannibals? Snakes? Bats? Slugs? What form will this nature-run-amok take, we wonder? And will it be another hand-held POV affair? "We can't disclose too many details about it," says Peli, "but rest assured it will be as scary as hell."

Former Paramount honcho Brian Witten is co-producing (he's also still working on the Blob remake that Rob Zombie dropped), and as with everything else this week, the project is doing the rounds at Cannes.

Area 51 is currently in post-production, with no release date thus far.

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