One Man To Rule The Hobbit

New Line face the power of the ring

One Man To Rule The Hobbit

by Willow Green |
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Let’s face it, Middle Earth is fuming. Following the news that Peter Jackson and his team will not be involved in the making of The Hobbit, an online army of fans and devotees, including the White Wizard himself, has begun to rise.

“I'm very sad” said Sir Ian Mckellen in a statement released via his website. “I should have relished revisiting Middle Earth with Peter again. It's hard to imagine any other director matching his achievement in Tolkien country."

Petitions demanding Jackson’s involvement in all things Hobbit have begun springing up all over the net. Unsurprisingly, many of them have already pulled in thousands of signatures, as fans across the globe voice (well, it’s more like scream) their opposition to New Line’s shocking decision. Although it seems not absolutely everybody is disgusted by the news: "I'm sure The Hobbit will turn out to be a success even without the help of the great Peter Jackson" stated a forum member (cue passing tumbleweed followed by the uncontrollable wrath of a million Ringers descending upon the poster’s face).

While today’s reports that Sam Raimi has been approached to direct the movie remain unconfirmed, why not click** **here to visit The Way It Was Meant To Be Or Not At All and sign their petition. Then head to the Empire Online forums to join the discussion. As forum member D.L says, “Let’s get The Hobbit made the right way”.

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