Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: Margot Robbie On Her ‘Surreal’ Script Read At Tarantino’s House

Margot Robbie - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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Perhaps with theHateful Eightsituation in mind, Quentin Tarantino was keen to keep the script of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood firmly under wraps... to the extent that even his eventual star Margot Robbie could only read it in his kitchen. "There was no, ‘I'm gonna email you a script’ sort of thing, Robbie told Empire in our exclusive interview. "It was like, ‘You can sit and read it and then I'm taking it back.’"

“It was seriously one of the most surreal moments in my life, sitting at his kitchen bench," Robbie recalled. "There was one copy of the script and it had his writing on it. I'm such a slow reader, so I was there for like four hours 'cause it was also a really, really long. He's like. ‘I'm just watching Dexter (in the other room)’. I would've thought he'd be watching some obscure Italian Western or something, but he was like, ‘No, I'm really into Dexter right now.’ So he kept hopping back in to the kitchen being like, ‘Are you done yet?’ And I'm like, ‘No, I'm halfway!'”

Thankfully, however, peculiarly actress-specific refreshments were on hand.

“He was like, ‘Do you need anything?’" Robbie continues. "I'd been there for so long by that point reading. I was like, ‘Can I have a beer please?’ And he's like. ‘I've got a VB,’ which is a very Australian beer that I've never seen outside of Australia ever in my life. Interactions like that with Quentin seem to happen all the time where he just says something so flippantly and you're like, wait, what? People credit him often for his film knowledge, (but) they're totally failing to recognise his amazing beer knowledge."

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is out now. Head this way for theEmpirereview.

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