Oh The Horror!

Gellar signs for another supernatural thriller

by Willow Green |
Published on

Having just escaped The Grudge, Sarah Michelle Gellar is heading straight into the grip of yet another supernatural fightfest. In a bid to once again scare the bejesus out of cinemagoers, Gellar is attached to star in Revolver. Now, this Revolver is not, as you might first imagine, Guy Richie's much talked-up gangster flick of the same name, but a horror from Warrior director Asif Kapadia. Gellar will take the role of a successful business woman plagued by nightmares, which drive her to investigate the mysterious death of a young woman 25 years earlier. Admittedly it doesn't sound all that scary off the bat but you can bet there's more in store here than some public record rifling and basic administrative research.

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