Oh My God, They Killed Orgazmo!…

by Willow Green |
Published on

South Park creator Trey Parker has been left winded after his film debut, the luridly titled Orgazmo, was slapped with an NC-17 certificate in the States today, virtually killing its chances of a decent theatrical release. Orgazmo, which deals with an innocent Mormon boy who becomes a hotshot porno star (we know, we know . . .), was hit with the rating after celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz failed to defend the movie's content for October Films. "The thing about Orgazmo is that it has an adolescent humour," pleaded Dershowitz, "Therefore adolescents should be able to see it." Unlike the more family-friendly R rating, which most adult pictures receive, the Motion Picture Association of Amercia (MPAA) refused to lower it's NC-17 slap for the movie. October Films are adamant that it will still be released, although their print run will be decreased significantly. Movies that get the deadly NC-17 rating from MPAA are refused advertising space on billboards and in newspapers, and their chances of making a profit bottom-out at about zero.

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