Observe the Observe And Report Trailer

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Observe the Observe And Report Trailer

by Chris Hewitt |
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The new and very NSFW (particularly if you work in a monastery or a primary school) for Seth Rogen’s new action comedy, Observe And Report, has gone online – and we like it. We like it a lot.

Rogen stars as a mall security guard called Ronnie Barnhardt who seizes his shot at stepping up to the plate and growing a pair when a pervert attacks the girl of his dreams, Brandy (Anna Faris, chavving it up to the max). Fearing a reprisal, Ronnie – who has dreams of blowing lots of people away and becoming a hero – starts preparing for the ultimate showdown.

First things first: there appears to be no overlap between this and the Kevin James vehicle,** Paul Blart: Mall Cop**. In fact, the second film from The Foot Fist Way director Jody Hill is a much darker, ruder, raunchier affair, with Ronnie’s homicidal flights of fantasy, couched in a monotone voiceover, already earning this the nickname,** Travis Bickle: Mall Cop**.

Despite the presence of Rogen and Faris, two of the best comic actors around at the moment (not to mention Ray Liotta, bringing his best irate stare as a determined cop), Observe And Report has stayed below the radar so far. Not anymore, though, thanks to this perfectly pitched, very funny and extremely promising trailer. Taxi Driver, reimagined as an R-rated comedy, you say? We’re there.

Click here to watch the redband trailer for Seth Rogen’s new movie, Observe & Repor****t. And be warned - if you're sensitive to violence, swearing and scenes of a sexual nature, you'd probably best skip this one.

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