What’s Your Number? Trailer Online

Anna Faris stops counting

What's Your Number? Trailer Online

by Owen Williams |
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Adult oriented rom-coms are all the rage at the moment (cf. Bad Teacher, Bridesmaids, No Strings Attached), and here comes another one. The trailer for What's Your Number?, starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans{ =nofollow}, has just made it's debut online.

The number in question is not a scrawled set of phone digits on a morning-after post-it note, but the score of romantic "liaisons" that Faris, approaching her twentieth, fears is about to get too high to ever see her married. Cue a vow to no longer put out for anyone but Mr Right, and a trawl through the ex-boyfriend list, which includes a puppeteer, a gynaecologist, Zachary Quinto, Martin Freeman and Anthony Mackie. It's like Broken Flowers, but not so road-trippy, and with more pratfalls, and minus the hangdog expression.

As you'll have seen from the clip, Evans is along for the ride to give Faris support in her ongoing mission. Will he turn out to have been Mr Right all along? Gosh, we couldn't possibly speculate. But if he does it'll provide the rather nice lesson that even if your romantic past includes Mr Spock, Bilbo Baggins and 2Pac, Captain America could still be waiting just around the corner.

Mark Mylod (Shameless, Entourage, Ali G In Da House) is the director, and the whole sordid business is based on Karyn Bosnak's novel Twenty Times a Lady. The film's out in the UK on January 4 next year.

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