Notting Hill Nabs Audience Award

68,000 film fans vote Notting Hill their top film of the year

by Willow Green |
Published on

...and the BAFTAs continue. Despite the best efforts of host Jack Docherty to ruin the evening - top gaff of the night must go to his comments on winner Pedro Almodovar 'he'll go off to celebrate in the way only the Spanish know how, by throwing a donkey off a tower,' the awards are progressing nicely. Recent announcements include: The Carl Foreman Award for Newcomer in British Film Lynne Ramsay for Ratcatcher Best Adapted Screenplay Neil Jordan for The End of the Affair Best Original Screenplay Charlie Kaufman for Being John Malkovich The Orange Audience Award Notting Hill 'Thanks to Polygram - now sadly murdered,' said Hugh Grant, searching around for Rhys Ifans to join him on stage. 'Oh, he's in the bar.'

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