The Notebook TV Series In Development

Flashing back to when McAdams loved Gosling...


by James White |
Published on

Given that The Notebook started its journey to pop-culture sensation back in 2004, it’s a little surprising that it’s taken 11 years for someone to have the idea of refashioning it** **into a TV series. But US broadcast network The CW has now started development on a show based on the weepie.

While the film used Gena Rowlands as Allie Calhoun, illuminating the history of her grand love affair as a younger woman (played by Rachel McAdams) with Noah (Ryan Gosling, launching a thousand memes), it appears the show may be more focused on just the version of the story that takes place shortly after World War II. The story will follow Noah and Allie as they start their tentative romance and build their lives together.

Though the channel is more known for its superheroes and action adventure slant, it has been trying to broaden itself recently, with shows such as Reign and Jane The Virgin. Nicholas Sparks’ production company is driving this one, with Sparks looking to have input as an executive producer and Joyful Noise writer/ director Todd Graff penning the pilot.

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