Noomi Rapace Tracking Alien Prequels?

Dragon Tattoo thesp meets Ridley Scott

Noomi Rapace Tracking Alien Prequels?

by James White |
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Continuing her round of meetings with just about every director or studio with a female role going begging (which has already snagged her a part in **Sherlock Holmes 2), Noomi Rapace’s name has popped up on the motion sensor for Ridley Scott’s **Alien prequel(s).

Not much is mentioned in Deadline’s report besides the fact that Scott took a meeting with her and apparently left impressed with the Swedish actress. But it’s still fairly early days for the casting process, and a multitude of other actors have been talking to Sir Ridders about the film, including Carey Mulligan and Abbie Cornish (who has something the others don’t, having worked with him on A Good Year).

The prequels are slowly coming together, with a plan to shoot in 3D and Scott talking up all sorts of nasty goodness as he explores the origins of the “space jockey” seen in his original film.

And in related Sir Ridley news, he’s also re-visiting a creator whose work he’s adapted in the past via Blade Runner: Philip K Dick. Scott is producing a four-hour BBC miniseries based on the writer’s The Man In The High Castle.

Set in an alternate reality where Germany and Japan bested the Allies in World War Two, with the former US subservient to the Third Reich and Hitler dispatching ships to colonise Mars.

Spooks’ Howard Brenton is adapting the Hugo award-winning novel, and he’s got quite the challenge ahead of him, condensing the epic storyline down into something that can fit into both the time and budget constraints of your average BBC miniseries…

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