Nolte’s Recipe for Sex Success

Nick keeps himself in the pink

by Willow Green |
Published on

Nick Nolte proves one of Hollywood's more frank actors with disclosures about his mission to remain sexually active into his old age. The actor is working with a scientist to ensure his personal parts will be working well into his nineties, which involves using a bewildering array of potions and drugs to achieve sexual perfection - and he's not afraid to admit it.

He says, "I'm working with a scientist so my parts are doing real well. I don't do Viagra. Viagra is the cheapest way and the wrong way to do it." Explaining his routine for optimum performance he continues. "You stack Argenine, which is an amino acid that creates nitric oxide. You do four grams of Argenine two nights in a row and you have constant erections. " And if that's no open enough he adds, "One of the effects of Argenine is it opens up the capillaries not only in the pelvic region but all over the body. I caution you to run the companion amino acid Lycene along with that because Argenine opens up the immune system to a certain degree for latent viral infections to come forward. But if you run the same amount of Lycene - and I'm talking about four grams of Argenine two nights in a row with four grams of Lycene - you'll perform much better and you won't take a chance on damaging your heart.

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