The Night Manager: Matthew Orton Writing The Second Series

Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager

by James White |
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We very much enjoyed John le Carré adaptation The Night Manager in 2016, and given the wider reaction to the series, the production teams behind it have been trying to figure out a way to keep the story going beyond the confines of the original book. A fresh step has been taken in that direction, as writer Matthew Orton is aboard to work on the script for new episodes.

Nothing has been released yet about what the new take might be – Tom Hiddleston has said he'd be open to returning as agent-for-hire Jonathan Pine, which would offer the chance to send him on another mysterious adventure. And chances are The Ink Factory, the Beeb and US channel AMC will stay tight-lipped until the development has moved on a little further. Plus, we imagine Hiddleston will wait to see the scripts before he decides he's definitely coming back. We'd still happily watch a new series built around Olivia Colman's Angela Burr.

Orton has worked on several films still churning their way through the Hollywood system, including Operation Finale, which is shooting now, and stars Oscar Isaac and Ben Kingsley.

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