Nicolas Cage Goes Nuts In Mom And Dad Trailer

Nic Cage in Mom and Dad

by Owen Williams |
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You remember Neveldine/Taylor. They were the violently gonzo pair who made both the crazy Crank movies with Jason Statham and Gamer with Gerard Butler. In 2011 they attempted to mesh their mad aesthetic with a mainstream project in Marvel's Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance: an experiment that didn't quite land. But it did at least begin a relationship with Nicolas Cage. Brian Taylor (minus Neveldine) has now come up with the insane looking suburban comedy horror Mom And Dad, in which Cage and Selma Blair are in a deadly war with their kids. Check out the new trailer below.

The premise of the film is something like a version of The Crazies with parents replacing zombies. Or a sort of The Stepfather meets Home Alone. The trailer begins as a domestic family comedy, and it's all fun and games until some sort of pandemic turns everyone's mum and dad into homicidal maniacs. This is, of course, something Cage does very well indeed. And if we've seen it before, well, we' haven't quite ever seen him doing the Hokey Cokey with a sledgehammer.

This is Taylor's first film since the aforementioned Ghost Rider sequel, although he's been hard at work on developing, writing and directing the SyFy series Happy this year. Neveldine, meanwhile, if you're curious, directed the horror The Vatican Tapes in 2015 and has since gone back to stunt and second unit work.

Hopefully the Neveldine/Taylor brand will be revived in the future, but it's looking like Taylor has managed Mom And Dad just fine on his own. It's out in the States next month, but we don't have a UK date yet.

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