News Nuggets – 16 July 2004

Chris De Burgh's Alien and Whoopi gets dumped

by Willow Green |
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Is That An Alien In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me? Eighties popster Chris De Burgh shelled out this week for the chance to own a unique piece of film history. Despite his well-known weakness for women in crimson, it wasn't a red dress that tempted him but a working model of the very first Alien chestburster, which eviscerated John Hurt so memorably. The sixteen-inch monster came with controls to move its gills, jaw, arms and even control its saliva. Eeeuwwwh. George Clooney Sleeps With The Fishes As Ocean's Twelve continues to tour Europe's most scenic sites to film the starry heist sequel, Italian police mounted a close watch on proceedings after Mafia suspects were spotted watching the location shoot in Sicily, ancient home of the Cosa Nostra. Police feared that the suspects would attempt to extort protection money from the cast and crew, but thanks to a heavy police presence all went swimmingly and the babelicious cast escaped being whacked. Russell Moe? Peter and Bobby Farrelly, the men behind the finest bad taste cinema of the last few years, are working hard on a new film version of the slap-happy Stooges' adventures. Early reports had Benicio Del Toro lined up as Moe, but it appears that the studio balked at his asking price. Now the brothers want Russell Crowe, who apparently "laughed his ass off" at the script but wants the ending tweaked. Watch this space for further news. Like The Actor? Now Buy The Furniture Ever been frustrated by your inability to get close to celebrities? Well, just for you Habitat has launched a new VIP range, designed by the rich and famous. The selection includes a director's chair by Ewan McGregor, a travel bureau from Kirsten Scott Thomas and two mirrors by flamenco star Joaquin Cortes, clearly a man concerned about how he looks. While a

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