News Nuggets – 16 August 2004

A wedding, a theft and some very angry non-Mafiosi

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A Savage Marriage Fred Savage, the immortal star of The Wonder Years and The Princess Bride, got married last week to childhood friend Jennifer Stone in Los Angeles. The two were neighbours until Fred moved to Hollywood to pursue his acting career, but fell in love at second sight in 1999. As the bride walked up the aisle, a wry voice over declared, "Growing up is full of big moments. Some of them you can see coming from a mile away; and some you can't see at all. Sometimes you have to just hang on... and lead with your heart." Card Sharps Hit Yu-Gi-Oh! As the cinema release of Yu-Gi-Oh looms, distributors Warner Bros are hoping to make the low budget feature a summer hit. The cartoon series and film are based on a trading card duelling game, so the makers have come up with the cunning ploy of giving away exclusive cards with each cinema ticket

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