New Year, New Posters

For Sahara and The Pacifier

by Willow Green |
Published on

Ah, the Sahara. A blank wilderness filled only with the lonely sound of wind blowing and sand shifting, with narry a living soul in sight. So rather like the news situation today, then. But with Hollywood clearly still not over their New Year hangovers, there are still a few nuggets of news to be dredged from the baking sands of nothing happening. Coming Soon has published a first look at the Sahara poster. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz and Steve Zahn, this is the story of a team of treasure seekers searching for a lost Civil War ship in West Africa and becoming involved with a doctor working in the area. This poster shows the three leads posing in true adventurer-stylee, and promises an Indiana Jones-esque romp - judging by McConaughey's manly stance and firmly crossed arms. This is clearly not a film lacking in testosterone, especially since his name (as the tagline informs us) is Dirk Pitt. Rumours that crossing his arms is the only way he can control his bongo playing urges are, of course, entirely fictitious. Click the thumbnail below to see the full poster, or click here to watch the trailer. Next up is the poster for Vin Diesel's latest, The Pacifier. It's a Kindergarden Cop-style tale of a hardbitten Navy SEAL, who comes up against more than he can handle when he is assigned to look after a family of young kids. Frankly, the mind boggles, but you can take a look at the poster at the link above, and the trailer here. {The Pacifier Artwork}

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