New Valkyrie Featurette

Tom Cruise will NOT heil Hitler!

New Valkyrie Featurette

by Olly Richards |
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MGM have released a new featurette for the Tom Cruise/Bryan Singer movie Valkyrie. We think this might be a hi-def version of a featurette that was doing the internet rounds in crap-o-vision a few weeks back, but that seems to have disappeared, so we can't check.

Either way, this gives our first clear look at the story of Col. Claus von Stauffenberg (Cruise), a German officer who lead a failed assassination attempt on Hitler. We see a little of Cruise's natty perm, everyone talking through their characters, a touch of the epic scale Singer will be shooting for. Basically, this is first look stuff, but the first look, er, looks good.

Cruise is proving that he can enter his grown up, non-action phase with ease (see his terrific performance in Lions For Lambs) and this should hopefully help get him back in people's minds as a terrific actor rather than a celebrity who displays occasionally questionable judgement in public and a cavalier approach to testing the sturdiness of sofa springs.

Click here to watch in HD on Apple.

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