New Twilight: Eclipse Trailer Online

The franchise gets a little darker…

New Twilight: Eclipse Trailer Online

by James White |
Published on

While the first couple of titles in the Twilight series dabble in darkness, they’re largely focused on the mopey relationship between Edward and Bella. But in Eclipse, the film version of which has just shoved a new trailer blinking into the sunlight, the stakes are raised and the scope widened.

Yes, while it looks like we’re still in for plenty of moody staring contests between the leads, the bigger canvas and higher action quotient means that those dragged along to see it by their Twilight-craving other half/friends/spawn might find more to enjoy.

And for all the talk of trouble, the presence of Hard Candy’s David Slade behind the camera gives us some hope there’ll be stylish fun to be found.

But enough chatter – watch the thing for yourself below and make your decision…

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