New Trailer For The Tick Promises Destiny, Adventure And Blood Loss


by James White |
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With Amazon commissioning a brand new show based on the character, The Tick's creator Ben Edlund has brought the overeager superhero back, this time played by Peter Serafinowicz. With the launch of the show a little over a month away, a new trailer is now online.

In this incarnation of the story, usual Tick sidekick Arthur Everest (here played by Griffin Newman) is convinced that his city is in the control of a global super villain everyone else believes to be dead. But what is a powerless accountant to do when all around him think he's crazy? He'll need the help of The Tick, a strange blue superhero who, when we meet him here, is suffering from memory loss issues.

Set in a world where superheroes are everywhere, Edlund's new Tick will hopefully bring back the same level of humour and lurking darkness we've come to love from the character. The likes of Jackie Earle Haley, Valorie Curry and Brendan Hines also appear.

The first part of Season 1 arrives on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and US on 25 August, comprising six episodes. Part 2 will follow in 2018.

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