New Trailer For Death Wish Remake

Bruce Willis in Death Wish (2017)

by Owen Williams |
Published on

Last October, the first trailer for Eli Roth's new Death Wish arrived, showing Bruce Willis' lone gunman mowing down bad guys to a chirpy AC/DC soundtrack. Then the real-life shootings in Las Vegas happened; that trailer seemed, at best, tone deaf; and the film was yanked from the schedules. Now it's back, with a new, slightly more sombre promo.

Beat-for-beat, not much has changed, but AC/DC have been swapped out for LeCrae, and the violence isn't portrayed as quite so white-on-black. Tonally we're now a bit closer to the morose original Death Wish with Charles Bronson, although the quips that crept into its increasingly unhinged sequels are in there too.

The new film moves the action back to the original novel's Chicago rather than the Bronson film's New York, and Willis is a surgeon as opposed to Bronson's architect. But the core story, of an ordinary man driven to revenge after the assault and murder of his wife, remains the same.

The likes of Vincent D'Onofrio, Dean Norris and Kimberly Elise also feature, and Death Wish will now be out in US cinemas on 2 March. There's still no sign of a UK date yet.

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