New Sherlock Holmes Pics Online

Downey Jr., Law and McAdams in action

New Sherlock Holmes Pics Online

by Phil de Semlyen |
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By all accounts, the set of Sherlock Holmes is awash with good vibes as Ritchie, Downey Jr. and Law get to the business end of the production, and the nine new pics released by Warner Bros. show the movie shaping up nicely too. There's strong looking production and costume design, with Downey Jr.'s Holmes reimagining the iconic detective as a scruffier if equally celebral looking card.

Unlike some of his cinematic predecessors, Robert Downey Jr.'s Holmes is happy to roll up his sleeves and put up his dukes when the need arises. And, in Ritchie's action-packed reboot of Conan-Doyle's detective stories, the need arises fairly regularly. Bare-knuckles and English martial art, bartitsu, are both put to good use here in a fight scene filmed at St. Bart's in the City of London.

There's also a shot of Rachel McAdams as brilliant con-woman Irene Adler and a first glimpse of legendary Empire Awards goodie-bag rustler Mark Strong as Holmes' nemesis, Lord Blackwood - a villain based loosely on Professor Moriarty and notorious satanist Aleister Crowley.

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Sherlock Holmes is out on December 26 in the UK.

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