New Season Of The Witch Trailer Online

Eye of newt and Nic of Cage...

New Season Of The Witch Trailer Online

by James White |
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Season of the Witch ticks every box in the Nicolas Cage checklist: he’s got crazy hair, a driven character to play, a big threat to overcome and plenty of ripe dialogue to spout. You can find all of them in the new trailer that has arrived over at Apple.

But despite filling all the criteria for a fun Cage match versus the most evil forces since Evil Fred the Evil Genius graduated top of his class at Threat Academy, the actor’s reunion with his** Gone in Sixty Seconds** director has been plagued with scheduling issues. Completed earlier this year, it was unceremoniously pulled from its planned March 19 release date a mere five weeks before it was due to hit cinemas and now resides in a January 14 berth.

Now, while January is not quite the howling wasteland of despair strewn with films that are being dumped by their distributors that it once was, it’s still not the best sign.

We want to believe, especially since the plot finds Cage as a knight charged with a holy mission to transport Claire Foy’s troublemaking spell-caster across hostile territory to the fortress where she’s to be executed. And the cast also features Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman. But we’ll have to wait and see. And hope. And put our faith in Nic’s wig.

Go watch the trailer and decide if you think it’ll be crazed fun or a hellish nightmare…

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