New Red Band MacGruber Arrives

Ridding the world of Cunth…

New Red Band MacGruber Arrives

by James White |
Published on

Here’s something you don’t see every day – the team behind MacGruber has launched a second age-restricted trailer, to compliment the already-online “green band” and one other “red band” promos out there.

So what’s new lurking behind that super-crafty, impossible-to-crack age monitor (you may begin your derisive snorting now)? Not loads more fresh footage, but a few nice moments, particularly Val Kilmer as villain Dieter Von Cunth showing off some of his skills, including his knack for, let’s call it, modern art…

There’s also a little more on MacGruber’s (Will Forte) background, including his impossibly impressive military background and the fact that he’s so secret, no one knows his first name. Bet it’s Cheryl, or something equally emabrrassing.

Oh, and of course some naughty language and references to dodgy things.

The trailer can be stared at here, and the film itself hits cinemas on 4 June.

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